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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Dominate Narrative

The dominate narrative used by law Enforcement is, Every image of a child being abused is hurting the child in the image; However I find if you dig deep the real truth emerges. Unfortunately thousands are in prison waiting for that truth to come out.  Potential Jurors need to be told about, "jury nullification" for the sake of the TAX PAYERS. Only those that hurt a real child should go to jail; However those using the logical fallacy  "Every image of a child being abused actually harms the child"(without empirical evidence) drum beat goes on thousand more will be in incarceration for NO contact, NO victim crimes.  

The following from

The dominant narrative:

The case was sensational. A single American man, Matthew Mancuso, a millionaire divorcee from suburban Pittsburgh, adopted 5-year-old Masha Allen from a Russian orphanage in 1998 with the assistance of a US adoption agency. Over the next five years, he used her as both his sex slave and as a child porn model to be shared with a small private circle on the Internet. After years of abuse, police located her by identifying some backgrounds in the images, such as images of her in Disney World in Florida. While Allen was the surname finally given to her, her original name was in Russian. After her rescue, her adoptive father Mancuso was sentenced to many years in prison and Masha was finally given a real adoptive mother. 

Masha’s new government protectors were Betzi White and her assistant Michelle Rager. Masha bravely went before a Congressional Committee, spoke to national newspapers and other media and appeared on Oprah. Masha’s Law was passed, tripling sentences for sex offenders. 

US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan was the law enforcement official who rescued Masha from Matthew Mancuso, the man who adopted her from Russia. She was intimately involved with every step of the case. Mary Beth Buchanan is described as ‘the government’s most aggressive opponent of the spread of pornography in the nation’. One report is that ‘She is scornful of prosecutors who have avoided taking on obscenity cases. Unlike her counterparts, she said in a recent interview, “I’m not afraid of the challenges, legal or otherwise, here.” It went on “Ms. Buchanan said she selected cases that she hoped would have deterrent effects on other pornographers.” 

“We want producers to know that these things are not tolerated,” she said. 

ANOTHER VERSION of the Masha story !!

A happy ending for Masha and society? Far from it. Take society first. The draconian Masha’s Law worsened the plight of families of those accused of involvement in child pornography and that of homeless sex offenders. But no happy outcome for Masha either.

For around two years after 2007, James Marsh, Masha’s former lawyer, and I (Brian Rothery, Editor.) tried with no success to stop the FBI publishing images of the ‘rescued’ Masha, including the uncropped one above(One can see the photo on the web site), which was on the front page of an entrapment web site titled and hosted by the large Californian server DreamHost. We were ignored with what could be described only as contempt. I tried to enlist the help of her ‘saviour’ and ‘child protector’ Mary Beth Buchanan, but the only result we saw was that even more provocative images of underaged girls appeared on the front page of the entrapment site. It was not possible to research inside the site for reasons that should be obvious.

Finally the images of Masha and other little girls were removed from the front page, but the site remains active at the time of writing with dodgy link titles that suggest that it is still very much an entrapment site. Readers are strongly advised not to access it. 

I first learned about Masha being used by the FBI on January 24 2008 and my US informants wrongly criticized James Marsh, her lawyer. Quoting the source:“(We made) numerous abuse reports and complaints to the hosting company which were ignored as well as numerous attempts to contact Mr. Marsh himself to no avail.” 

But James Marsh wrote to me on February 1 2008: “For the record, neither me nor anyone associated with my firm has seen Masha Allen for almost two years.

“When I discovered the existence of the site in December 2007, I immediately informed the government officials responsible for Masha's health and safety, Betzi White and her assistant Michelle Rager, that they should exert every effort to investigate Obviously they have failed to do anything to protect their ward.

“Also for the record, we haven't brought any lawsuits under Masha's Law and my position concerning her situation could not be clearer:

“Masha was never rescued, acquired or head-hunted (at least not by me); her adoptive mother (recruited by her rescuers) retained me in late June 2005 to uncover the truth about her government-approved international adoption by Matthew Mancuso. I did not learn about the mycandidteens site until December 2007, I have never even heard of Dream Host until now, and yes it does appear that Masha continues to be exploited over and over again.

“Your questions and inquiries are most appropriately addressed to the government officials, judges, social workers and lawyers who are currently responsible for Masha's well-being. James R. Marsh, Esq.”

This is most interesting and revealing. James Marsh informed the government about the Masha images in December 2007. This question must now be asked of Masha’s government protectors, Betzi White and her assistant Michelle Rager. Why was Masha still being exploited by images of her being offered thus? Has the most famous girl ever rescued from abusers and child pornographers become titillating bait to be used to entrap so-called predators? Are you complicit in this? Is there a connection between her now being vanished and her images suddenly re-appearing? 

And as James Marsh suggested, I asked the government officials, judges, social workers and other lawyers who are currently responsible for Masha's well-being, “Has her well-being just been a sham to you? Where are any of you now? And which of you is still involved in her continuing exploitation?” 

Perhaps we should have expected no better from the US government. Here is James Marsh on his blog ( "When Masha was rescued, she was placed with a young single foster parent with her own history of sexual abuse, given an unlicensed Christian therapist and a Medicaid card. When the FBI reportedly 'moved her to another part of the country' a few months after her adoption, Masha was taken from the only community she knew and her thin support system was shattered. She began an unstable lifestyle which continues to this day. No therapists, no medical team, no house or meaningful compensation. Just a prayer and a press release and a one way ticket to nowhere."

And, having now read so many pious outburst from all those who celebrated her rescue, and wondering why they seem to no longer care, perhaps it's understandable for me to conclude that they were far more interested in the opportunity to introduce the draconian Masha's Law than they were in either Masha herself or any other little girl.

As for the worldwide description of Masha being a famous child porn star, she would probably have never become famous (infamous?) were it not for the way her rescuers promoted her for their own ends, publicly identifying her.

A few more quotes about and by Mary Beth Buchanan in the Pennsylvania Tribune-Review: "The Internet has given predators access to children they previously would not have had. Children are often too trusting of adults." Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan – Why was Masha sexually exploited by a government agency?

(Despite the swelling ranks of online predators), "We are doing a better job of catching these people (including through her Pennsylvania Crimes Against Children Task Force). Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan – Why don’t you now catch the organization exploiting Masha?

Quote from the Tribune-Review: ‘U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan attributes the increase to greater Internet use among offenders and more skill by law enforcement agencies in tracking them down’. "The volume is so much greater, but the severity is also a lot worse," said Buchanan, who prosecuted such cases as an assistant U.S. attorney and formed a regional Crimes Against Children Task Force. "I think that people are still surprised at the level of violence that many of these predators will engage in." Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan – is some of the greater Internet use among offenders caused by activities such as that which still displays images of Masha online and if so why don’t you stop it?

The first woman Masha was placed with after her rescue lost an action against her pastor for sexual assault. She also claimed that her parents were in a satanic cult and forced her to participate in human sacrifices. Buchanan was aware of this woman's history. Now Masha is suing the state because of her post-rescue treatment. It seems that when you are being abused the next worse thing to have happen you is to be rescued by the state.

Earlier quotes from Masha

"How can so many people enjoy the horrible things that happened to me?

"I know that these pictures will never end and that the abuse from them will go on forever. ...

"I want every single person who downloads my picture to go to jail and really be punished as much as possible. They are as bad as Matthew. ..

"Child pornography is not a victimless crime. I am a victim, and I still suffer everyday and every time someone sees me being abused." 

So from her own mouth, all you government-paid protectors of Masha and other victims like her, listen - 

"I still suffer everyday and every time someone sees me being abused." 

"They are as bad as Matthew."

"I know that these pictures will never end and that the abuse from them will go on forever. ..." 

How right she was.

Note on

From the index page. Welcome to Summer price is $19.95, 100 000 pictures,everyday update.

Candid upskirt, candid pantyhose, candid park, candid beach, candid school girls, contribution, amatuer models posing, contribution from gymnastic girls, candid street shots, private shots. (All of which was beside Masha's image above.)

More information

Information received February 3 2008."(This web site) is the same one that has been spamming tens of thousands of images per day to legal newsgroups recently. - - - general teen porn designed to get people to then go and look at the site that may then entrap them.

"This is very similar to a site caled sweatsweet that did the same thing a few years ago and was also likely a FBI run site - - -."

"It is also worth remembering that the idiots brought this girl to public knowledge as they published her photo in an attempt to locate her and her abuser but unknown to them she had already been located and was needlessly thrust into the public limelight to bolster egos and this then meant she had no choice but to be used again by the Americans in their own publicity campaign."

Up to 2009, despite trying to ask more questions from officials in the US, it became obvious that the authorities did not have any interest in what this writer or the other objectors had to say about their continued exploitation of Masha as, blatantly, they still had her online. 

So why did they then blatantly add more sexually explicit images of other young girls to the front page? Forget the cheek of it. I, for example, was not surprised that they have a contempt for me or any other writer or journalist. That fact may, however, be of concern to every decent US citizen who becomes aware of it.

There is one possible reason. They were upping the ante and stopping any further investigation of this web site. Up to now few would have dared go beyond the index page, for fear of what they might acquire on their hard drives, but by placing extra explicit images of other young girls right on the index page, they were ensuring that anyone who attempted to expose them, or even criticize them for this exploitation, would be instantly criminalized. This is so brazen that it is truly organized crime. Hopefully, some more Americans will awake from their sleepwalk and begin to see what kind of state their legislators and police have created.

How the American police create crimes

(This was written before the Masha story above, but Masha's story gives it new significance.)

The manufacturing of crimes by the police is a very big industry in America, but it is part of the even bigger industry of the organized crime where the police, the legal profession and the judiciary act together to defraud and criminalize innocent citizens. 

In a devastating indictment of the American justice system, the US writer, Paul Craig Roberts, has described some of the activities of the US police in an article titled ‘How the Police Create Crimes’. We were aware that the US police were legally using child pornography to entrap men over the Internet and also posing as underage girls and boys to ensnare men into meetings where they would be arrested and, even in some cases, filmed for television programmes. Stories have also been coming in to this web site about malicious women using help from male FBI agents and police to entrap their ex-husbands and boy friends and for years we have been hearing that the security services use women (all over the world incidentally) to entrap and ruin men who may be politically undesirable to American causes. Roberts now reports that the American police are planting attractive women half naked in parks, who entice passing males, engage them in conversation, pretend to begin to seduce them and ask to see their penises. When the foolish men comply, the police with their cameras still running pounce on them in triumph.

Does the beauty of the child revolt her beholder

There was another example of how a dominant narrative can distort values and even deny and assault beauty itself when a 2008 exhibition by Australian photographer Bill Henson was shut down by the authorities and Henson investigated by the police for breaching child pornography laws. The image causing the greatest controversy was that of a beautiful 13 year old girl posing topless, her lower half shaded in darkness. Climbing on to the bandwagon that followed from Australian child protectionists, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described that image and those of other youngsters in the exhibition as ‘revolting’. While his remark was published, no-one appears to have subjected it to any form of analysis. In the semantic world which I occupy that remark could not make his view of the matter clearer. He, the prime minister of Australia, finds the body of a 13 year old girl revolting. 

I would like to apologize to James Marsh myself for thinking without knowing the truth. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything!

During the first days of the SECOND Iraqi war 500,000 CHILDREN under five DIED.  The war itself claimed over  ONE MILLION children under five.  Where was The national Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC)? Their statistics are world wide and just not missing and exploited children here in the USA.  NCMEC's practice of professing their standards and beliefs on this nation and the world as a whole are beyond pale.  NCMEC by using the Logical Fallacy of "think of the children" has become the head in chief of the MULTI BILLION dollar child abuse industry and how the Radical Right control this nation.   This is contrary to NCMEC advertised real character.  The actual behavior of their law enforcement arm the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) who are currently breaking into peoples homes every 60 minutes looking for alleged Child Porn and arresting thousands of Americans tells us so. How can they prey on the pretense of virtue and piety.  Who is paying for all these law enforcement officials whose original purpose was to go after Terrorists?  Now they are using those very laws created the Patriot Act against us and THOUSANDS of AMERICANS are now imprisoned.  The following video is about 9-11 judge for your self.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It is clear that things have changed in America and much of it is due to two wars!

It is clear that things have changed in America and much of it is due to two wars!
It is clear that things have changed in America and much of it is due to two wars!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Child Porn used as a WEAPON

Child Porn used as a WEAPON
Child Porn used as a WEAPON



Heart-Wrenching Last Words From A Suicide

Heart-Wrenching Last Words From A Suicide

Jesse Ryan Loskarn was a powerful Senate aide until he was arrested on child porn possession charges. Last week, he committed suicide — and left this message. Excerpt:
The first time I saw child pornography was during a search for music on a peer-to-peer network.  I wasn’t seeking it but I didn’t turn away when I saw it.  Until that moment, the only place I’d seen these sorts of images was in my mind.
I found myself drawn to videos that matched my own childhood abuse.  It’s painful and humiliating to admit to myself, let alone the whole world, but I pictured myself as a child in the image or video. The more an image mirrored some element of my memories and took me back, the more I felt a connection.
This is my deepest, darkest secret.
As a child I didn’t understand what had happened at the time of the abuse.  I did know that I must not tell anyone, ever.  Later the memories took on new and more troubling meaning when I became a teenager.  They started to appear more often and made me feel increasingly apart from everyone else.  In my mind I instigated and enjoyed the abuse – even as a five and nine year old – no matter the age difference.  Discussing what had happened would have meant shame and blame.
I always worried someone might look at me and know, so I paid close attention to others for any sign they might have figured it out.  No one ever did.  By my late teens I reached a sort of mental equilibrium on the matter.  I couldn’t stop the images from appearing altogether, but I generally controlled when they appeared.
As an adult I thought I was a tougher man because of the experience; that I was mentally stronger and less emotional than most.  I told myself that I was superior to other people because I had dealt with this thing on my own.
But he hadn’t. Now he’s dead, by his own hand. Child sex abuse is a demon that is not easily exorcised from its victims.
I don’t know if Loskarn left behind any information about the identity of his abuser. I hope so. Not that anything can be done about it now, but at least the evildoer will not have gotten away with it, not in this life, anyway.

Outrage Porn: How the Need For ‘Perpetual Indignation’ Manufactures Phony Offense

Outrage Porn: How the Need For ‘Perpetual Indignation’ Manufactures Phony Offense

Pretend anger dulls our sensitivity to real problems.
 Outrage Porn: How the Need For Perpetual Indignation Manufactures Phony Offense
Imagine this was your job: you had to wake up every morning, read and watch what was going on in the world, and then, even if you didn’t actually feel this way — in fact, in spite of the fact that you didn’t feel this way—react with outrage about all of it. 
Increasingly, this is the life of the blogger. Despite all the attention and traffic of Upworthy gets for being “positive” these days, outrage and indignation are and always will be pageview magnets. “Outrage porn,” as we’ve come to call it, checks all the boxes of compelling content—it’s high valence, it drives comments, it assuages the ego, projects guilt onto a scapegoat and looks good in your Facebook Feed. 
With the exception of Valleywag, very few sites practice the art exclusively but every website, including Betabeat, knows it’s an easy way to get traffic. As Jezebel—a purveyor of the technique themselves—put it, 2013 was the year of “shaming.” Catching someone being racist or homophobic or misogynistic (or more likely, just old and dumb), accusing someone of being unfair, filming a mayor driving over the speed limit, and pointing out privilege are all great things to be outraged by or to “shame” people for. And that’s why they’re staples of the current media scene. 
Let’s run down some of the big “outrage” stories of recent months: Vogue—a fashion magazine—did some minor photoshop on a  Lena DunhamPatton Oswalt was a bully after joking about the KTVU news prank on the Asiana Airlines crash.  The Obama’s got another dog of the same breed, instead of rescuing a pitbull. Steve Martin was racist for a silly Twitter jokeThe Oniondoesn’t take its satire about rape seriously enough. A crappy horror movie is somehow one of the “most effective right-wing Christian films of recent years.” My favorite: Getting outraged over Gawker’s outrage about white privilege
Are they really that upset? Or are they reaching? The topics are serious enough. There’s nothing to laugh at when it comes to rape or racism. But is that really what was going on here? Or do we wish it was so we can be upset? 
Here’s a test: Say Alec Baldwin was a friend of yours, or a friend of your parents. If he’d said what he’d said in his farewell essay at dinner, in the course of a normal human conversation, would we have been this pissed off? Would any blogger have been outraged this way in person? Of course not. But blogging makes it possible—no, necessary—and the public follows along. (Ask JustineSacco).
If you noticed, those links above are mostly from—a site that’s grown addicted to outrage. So much so that they get outraged about basically anything, up to and past the privilege for white terroristsIt used be that sites like had the moral high ground compared to right-wing pundits and demagogues like Rush Limbaugh…now they traffic in the same garbage. 
The Roman philosopher Seneca once remarked that the most pitiable form of slavery is self-imposed slavery. After all, he asked, aren’t we all enslaved to something? Our appetites, our emotions, our mistresses? 
When I scan the blog headlines in the morning, pity is the word I feel. I see bloggers who have accepted a job—or in many cases, redefined their job in such a way—that requires them to be perpetually indignant about the most minor of things. 
Is Sam Biddle really a “muckraker” or is he just as exploited as the people he is supposed to advocate for—required to do the same dehumanizing task each day? Each morning he scans the news (filtering out the good, obviously) and then thinks: what makes me upset about this? 
The press, Martin Amis recently noted “is more vicious than the populace.” Why? Because it’s paid to be.
Paul Carr recently made a great case against what seems like at first glance to be a very hypocritical stance by Gawker. Though recently sued for having and using unpaid interns, the Gawker media writers regularly rake in page views for stories blasting unpaid intern controversies at other companies. 
I would argue that no one is being hypocritical. They’re being insincere. Every day they wake up and experience this very minor reality of the workplace—unpaid interns—and don’t give two shits. But the second there’s a chance to write about that very same story? They get “angry,” crank up the indignation and watch the pageviews pour in. 
There are many things to be outraged about in this world. What portion of thereal outrage needed to motivate people to solve some of our biggest issues is subsumed in the pseudo-outrage drudged up everyday by our biggest outrage porn producers? If we blow off steam by forwarding a story about a stupid racist comment, have we compromised our ability to mobilize assistance for the 2 million displaced Syrians or a struggling democracy movement in Iran? A little? A lot? I don’t know, except that it takes a toll. 
Alex Tabarook of Marginal Revolution recently noted, people don’t go to the barricades for minor causes or slight improvements. But I would argue they are less likely to go to the barricades for important causes if they exist in a constant high-strung state of pseudo-outrage. It makes it too hard to separate the real from the fake. 
What is real is the toll that fake outrage takes. Psychologists call it the “narcotizing dysfunction,” essentially that thinking and chattering about something eventually gets confused and equated with doing something about it. Of course it doesn’t—but after enough blog posts we delude ourselves into believing we’ve made a difference. 
Tim Kreider, a political cartoonist, explained this temptation well a few years ago in an op-ed, “Outrage is like a lot of other things that feel good but over time devour us from the inside out. And it’s even more insidious than most vices because we don’t even consciously acknowledge that it’s a pleasure.”
This is just it. Outrage has slowly eaten online media from the inside out. What was once a righteous and necessary force—a check on softball reporting inside old media—is now a corrupt and lazy vice. The outrage you see isn’t real, it isn’t sincere. In fact, it is the opposite. It’s shallow, it’s superficial and it’s selfish. 
Remember that the next time you click a headline and find yourself getting pissed off.
Ryan Holiday is the editor at large of Betabeat and the author of the forthcoming book The Obstacle is the Way.

Monday, May 12, 2014