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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forty four United States Attorneys General voiced their support on Wednesday for a Congressional proposal that is aimed at getting financial support for victims of child pornography.

Forty four United States Attorneys General voiced their support on Wednesday for a Congressional proposal that is aimed at getting financial support for victims of child pornography.
What's causing the harm? How does Amy and Vicky know people are looking at their images? Every time someone downloads an image intentionally or not of Amy or Vicky and they are caught with one of those images on their computer the government sends a letter to the girls and their attorneys(why do they have an attorney in the first place; follow the money) that someone has been caught with Amy and Vicky images and they need VICTIMS for a crime. Essentially the government is perpetuating a self fulling prophecy because the all knowing government never gives the poor girls a chance to recover by playing with their angst and antipathy reminding them daily that someone is looking at images of abuse caused by one of their OWN FAMILY members that made it onto the internet. The viewer is looking at a crime scene image that they were not complicit in producing; crime scene images of a crime that has occurred in the past. With consistent notifications the government enables them to stay sick and if anything should happen to the girls the government should be held accountable for driving these poor girls INSANE. Do you really think, deep down these politicians care that much for the plight of Vicky or Amy? They feel badly for them, but not as much as they would like you to believe. What this does is just gives the politicians another platform to pass more laws and say that they are "tough on crime" by ridding the internet of all those "perverts, pedophiles, and predators" on the internet. Politicians never pass up a chance to look good to the general public as it gets them re-elected. So Vicky or Amy gets paid, their lawyers get PAID, the DAs win a conviction, and the politicians keep getting re-elected.

Also There is NO market for child porn(CP) period. If you can find CP so can the police. If you paid for CP on the net it would most likely be in the form of credit card, bitcoin etc. and the police will find that also. My research has discovered from reading the myriad of arrests everyday for CP that 99% is downloaded via person to person (P2P) software which the police can also detect. There is NO charge for downloading it other than your internet access fee. There is NO money to be made from CP, period and as I stated above the only way an alleged victim finds out their photo, video or both was viewed is when the government tells them so creating essentially a self filled prophecy enabling the victims to stay sick. Only the creators should be punished and go to jail but today CP VIEWERS are getting more time in jail and paying more in restitution than the original offender.

A person that GIVES images power to influence or control the behavior of people is called VooDoo; Witchcraft. Unknowingly many use their authority for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure but they are practicing VOO-DOO nevertheless. I can appreciate that the actual creation of CP victimizes children, I cannot agree that looking for, viewing, or collecting CP actually victimizes anyone. If you were to apply the same reasoning to any other crime, than looking at a photo of any crime would be re-victimizing someone. If the simple act of viewing a crime scene image (CP) is harmful perhaps an appropriate punishment would be to simply take a photo of the perpetrator n jail, then set him free, but have some look at the photo that was taken while they he was in jail; same LOGIC. Legislators have drawn upon pre internet pseudo research without any empirical evidence when people actively had to exert effort and seek out the contraband; However with the INTERNET the contraband is but a click away. Today CSA crime scene photos can be found for FREE on the INTERNET using P2P software and Journalist have posited nothing but what they are told by Law Enforcement who create Gothic Melodramas and monster stories of child molesting. I do not see how anyone can justify this punishment with the so called crime; its insanity in an insane nation when you can go to jail because the law practices voodoo.