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Thursday, September 4, 2014

For those that have computers I can make it rather simple;
1) go to your computer and click on the file folder. On my machine its right next to the "e" internet explorer symbol bottom left of screen.
2) Then click on "OS(C:)"
3) Locate, "users" and click on that
4) Locate your name or whatever factious name you have given your computer and click on that.
5) Now look for, "AppData" on the list and then click on that. What there is NO,"AppData" listed? Your right!
6) Go up to the file toolbar and you will see This PC, OS(C:), Users, and the name you call your computer(N).  Now place your mouse on the tool bar and click once;  you should see C:\users\(N) 
7) On the C:\users\(N) type a \ after the (N) and type, "AppData" and hit "enter". It should look like this  C:\Users\(N)\AppData 
8) You should now see three "AppData" files.  AppData is hidden and where P2P programs place their content in hidden folders, "local", "localLow", "Roaming" 

There is an infinite amount of places one can hide content; you assume you are downloading one thing only to find it was mislabeled intentionally or not and embedded within the file a, "child porn(CP) hash-tag" or child porn itself. This is called "Stenography" a technique of hiding a message inside another seemingly harmless message in side a song, picture, video, grocery list or a spam e-mail.  The person P2P sharing does not suspect the existence of the hidden CP hash-tag or CP itself. The practice dates back to the days of the ancient Greeks and personal computers spawned the creation of new digital steganographic techniques which is one of the most common illicit uses for the possession and storage of child pornography images; it can also be used to commit fraud, and other nefarious illegal acts. There are other ways as well as illustrated in this leaked documented (

CP is the main activity in terms of Internet related sex crime, certainly in terms of convictions. So how is CP a 20 billion dollar business? The cost of a social worker is $30-40.000 dollars a year; the cost of a police officer is $40.000-$75,000 dollars a year; the cost of a police inspector is $75.000-$150,000 dollars a year; the cost of a lobbying a politician well over $1,000,000. a year; the cost of a “charity worker” is $30-40,000 a year; The cost of CP conferences $100-200,000 a year; the cost of CP Internet filters is in the MILLIONS; the cost of the child abuse industry's bizarre lavish anti CP lifestyles exceed $1,000,000,000 that is how.  The major costs of CP are the agencies and people in charge of going after it. Most CP is underground, there is no multi-million dollar Hollywood studio producing it as some want you to believe. The Coalition of Parents estimates that the child abuse industry costs US taxpayers $285 billion/yr.  Journalist need to be able to see the contraband to report on it; However this is not the case with CP where they are scared to death of being called a pedo and we are at the mercy of Law Enforcement measures.

Now the person innocuously P2P file shearing is in fact sharing content they know nothing about.      

"Federal courts are not comprised of philosopher-kings or legislative aides, and

it's time to repair things
by Sumner
"Federal courts are not comprised of philosopher-kings or legislative aides, and the Constitution forbids us from pontificating about abstractions in the law or merely giving advice about the potential legal deficiencies of a law or policy when no ongoing controversy exists with respect to that law or policy." -- Fourth Circuit Chief Judge Karen J. Williams

The child porn laws are akin to the Dred Scott decision or the Salem Witch trials. The reparations due to each victim of these laws should be similar to the 40 acres and a mule awarded to the previous freed slaves.

That the laws which so violate the First Amendment are not yet entirely toppled, partly goes to the haggling over what final reparations will eventually be due.

These laws were enacted by hook and crook as a red herring for purposes of distraction from the looting of the economy by the Corporatists. Charles Keating used his morals crusade as misdirection while he looted and plundered Lincoln Savings and Loan. Ronald Reagan's administration used the same distraction with which to get America out of the Boardroom and into the Bedroom.

The Pornography Commission previous to the Meese Commission under Ronald Reagan, found pornography just fine. When all eyes were on Enron, Jefferey Skilling said, "They're calling us child molesters!", and at that precise moment, the media went off on that red herring starting with the Catholic Church and Enron was immediately off of the front pages of the newspapers. Literally billions of dollars worth media time have been used to condition the populace with untruths of a supposed $30 billion industry in child porn and the media began falsely misstating over and over, things such as that thousands of children are abducted daily in America. How can anyone thwart that Big Lie-sized propaganda?

The law is rigged. Just like the Omnibus Drug Control Act purported to not admit any evidence but that drugs are harmful, child pornography laws are deliberately set up not to allow examination of the material, as the laws are ultimately a fraud.

A frequent reporter on this topic, Debbie Nathan, asks, why are journalists not "allowed" to examine such material for research purposes? The answer is simple: Because the fraud of these laws would become quickly apparent. But the 4th Estate was captured a while ago. There are very few Daniel Ellsberg type "Pentagon Papers" disclosures these days.

That is also why the "5th Estate", (Corporations combined with the Intelligence Community) are so adamant about capturing the Internet - the remaining avenue of free speech reveals their bad acts. And like Studs Turkel said recently, they spy in order to ultimately create blacklists and so bar people from their ability to earn a living.

These people grant themselves immunity, and point to that "wall" they've torn down between intelligence and operations - that "wall" is otherwise known as the "Bill of Rights", et al.

The courts are often loathe to touch these cases. Judges have a keen understanding that their career advancement depends upon shilling for the Corporatists. That is why political "Donations" are touted by courts as represnting the highest form of pure speech, and yet Gonzales v. Raich is instructive.

In Raich, the Court drew again upon that ubiquitous Commerce Clause. Even where marijuana was being used as medicine to save lives, it remains forbidden. The almighty federal government had spoken. It cannot be allowed to be disproven that marijuana is, as Reagan said, "the most dangerous drug in society". But what about those that might grow it for personal use, and not to sell? No, there is still commerce involved. People pay water bills. Well what about letting the rain water the plants then? No, water evaporates and rains again and spends some of its cycles in the municipal water systems, being sold. Such a (fictitious) convoluted argument would seem in line to what the courts have used and would seem to be the kind of logic reached by the courts in other cases.

Another example of selective judging is where the Courts refused to hear the case of the Alabama merchant who sold "sex toys" as marital aids, but the court allowed the State of Alabama to ban them on puritanical grounds. But by the same logic, eyeglasses or hearing aids etc., are also fair game.

So what do we do about this? How do we reclaim our country from the Corporatists and 5th Estate with all their money buying government in virtually direct acts of commerce?

Well, as they continually explain to us that we must surrender our inalienable rights and that we must accept their exceptions to clearly absolute protections like the First Amendment, which the Court has presumed to carve out an exception to with child porn laws, we must turn the tables on them. Lobbyists buying our government is NOT the highest form of speech, it is commerce, and moreover, it is Antitrust at that.

We must insist on public financing of our politicians, and not accept the canard that the existing racket, commonly known as "politics" now, has any interest in the public good at all.

If the courts will not do this, we must have new courts. We must insist.