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Friday, January 15, 2016

Our governments will spend more than $50 billion in punishing people for ‘crimes’ that do not physically harm the person or property of another. VICTIM LESS vice crimes. by FG

Law enforcement has reviewed more than 121.6 million images and videos but stated the majority of those are duplicates. Practically all the sexually explicit images of children circulating cybernetically except for sexting images are from a stack of yellowing pages found at the back of X-rated shops when it was legal and now there digitized. These pictures from what I have read tend to twenty to fifty years old, made overseas, badly re-reproduced, and chaste. That's why federal agents never show journalists the contraband. I myself been on the internet for decades and have never seen an adult sexually abuse a child and if you have and didn't report it too law enforcement your a felon. 

The child abuse industry and the entertainment industry are BILLION dollar corporations composed of politicians, activist groups and child charities who create Gothic Melodramas and monster stories of child molesting by selling us on the idea that they can provide safety from the very dangers they are scaring us about. People that have researched the topic concede that over 95% of the child sexual abuse is infamilial and less than 1% is at the hands of strangers. The rest of the images are sexting images kid take themselves without adult coercion the government labels CP. The government erroneously believes people under 18 have no sexuality so they must wait until they are magically transformed into sexual beings on their 18th birthday even though in some states a child can legally drive a three ton bullet at 15 and below; kids younger than 8 are on firing ranges shooting guns. It seems as though children are given adult responsibility rather early compared to sexual responsibility.

 The majority of arrests involve peer to peer(P2P) software. When someone searches on P2P file sharing software it typically works as follows: initially, the user downloads a software program onto his own computer or Internet-enabled device that permits the individual to share and download files from the P2P network. Upon installation, the software typically creates two folders on the user’s computer by default: an “incomplete” folder, which contains pending downloads, and a “shared” folder, which contains fully downloaded files which are not readily available to the user unless they know how to search for them; until then the file remains hidden to the user in the, "AppData file". Any files downloaded to, or other files placed in, the shared folder are immediately made available for sharing with all other users on the P2P network. When someone searches for lets say the word "TEEN" they are flooded with images to download: however they don't know if the images are what they asked for and they don't know until they open the file and by then its too late. Law enforcement software has already downloaded a TAGGED "TEEN" file to the hidden file on the victims computer so it can be reuploaded identified by its tag with the IP address of the downloader. Then law enforcement uses the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court(FISA) to obtain search warrants for child porn because a regular court would have never authorized such abuse of power based on such little evidence to obtain a search warrant for the IP address. Those who are profiting from child sexual abuse is the multi BILLION dollar Child Abuse Industry that consists of THOUSANDS of ORGANIZATIONS with high paid CEO's and staff which are full of nefarious individuals that must convince both us and their victims that everything is abuse. News media, therapists, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and sex police. Thousands of jobs depend on maximizing claims of abuse; their paychecks depend on it. Well over 10 THOUSAND search warrants have been issued by the FISA court to find 850 past or present contact child sexual abuse offenders meaning 9,150 people had their lives destroyed for not harming ONE child.

 Our governments will spend more than $50 billion in punishing people for ‘crimes’ that do not physically harm the person or property of another. This is accomplished most predominantly in laws are legislate against victim-less crimes by considering vices in the same category as crimes. The US government uses victim-less crimes to control and manipulate its citizens. To enforce this kind of crime law, officials must engage in extensive monitoring, wiretapping, and surveillance of suspects and the public. Law enforcement does not really desire the elimination of victimless crimes just as the military does not want to make world peace and the social services do not desire eliminating poverty. If these agencies were that successful THEY would no longer be needed.

RoundUp Predictive Tool (RPT) Project: Final Report, by Marc Liberatore, Brian Neil Levine, Hanna Wallach, Janis Wolak, Thomas Kerle

RoundUp Predictive Tool (RPT) Project: Final Report by Marc Liberatore, Brian Neil Levine, Hanna Wallach, Janis Wolak, Thomas Kerle

US v Paul Edwards

US v Paul Edwards