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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Child Pornography Statistics 1984-2000

Child Pornography Statistics 1984-2000 BY Series, Name Images, Age, Participants

The data is based on a catalog and content· analysis· by Llarchivia an anonymous corespondent from Columbia and has been confirmed through textual analysis· of usenet newsgroups such as "xxx-xxxx" , "xx-xxxxx" , "xxxxxxxx" , "xxxxxxxxxx" , "xxx-xxxxx" and "xxxx" , as well as numerous BBS with names like "xxxxx"and "xxxxxxxxx" . The results are far from the 100 , 000 or 1 , 000 , 000 images claimed by child-savers , moral crisaders and totalitarian police forces . These images are not sold , they are posted as free· binaries . Included in this catalog are any series· that has appeared with one or more images considered illegal by US Federal Regulations .

# of Series 101
#Total images 4217
# of particants 138

The catalog and data have· been published here so that anyone may verify· the truth· . Possession of many of the images from any of these series· is most likely illegal in your jurisdiction· . In many cases , they are likely to make· you sick· and angry· . If you these headers DO NOT DOWNLOAD ! Consider yourself pre-warned . Police forces are watching you and you will to jail .

Less than an average· of ten new series· per year have· been circulated on the internet since 1984 . Only 14 of these series· include· children engaged in sexual· intercourse , 32 in non-penetrative genital contact· and 39 in fellatio . Most of these series· include· genital display· only .

It is estimated that $ 100,000,000 per year are spent by police forces and moral crusaders to combat· this practically non-existent child· pornography industry· . On an annual basis· that is approximately $ 10,000,000 per victim· and $ 75,000,000 per of sexual· intercourse .

Any group· such as "pedo-watch" or ECPAT who have· data that contradict· what is posted here is welcome to post· such on Tokana's forum .

Child Pornography is used as a wedge· issue· for governments and moral crusaders to suspend· civil liberties and draconian police state· measures into effect . For example· here is what they plan:

An international conference· convened by ECPAT and Interpol and held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris , January , 1999 , considered ways in combating "pedophilia" and "child pornography" on the Internet . Their plan· paralled that into place· by China some years· earlier . They proposed the creation· of an international specialized multi-agency state· to monitor IRC chatrooms , usenet and the World Wide Web , the creation· of tip-lines and hotlines in collaboration with government· and enforcement· agencies, illegalization of encryption software and anonymous remailers, a requirement· that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) standardize internet protocol (IP) logging , caller ID and web hosting records , maintain· them , make· them available to resident· enforcement· and create· an international; database· . Other proposals made in response· to the "impossibility to trace· the originators of child· pornography" problem· were creating audit trails such as X-NNTP Posting Host and X-Mail 2 News-Path , and Caller Line ID . The U . K . Association of Chief Police Officers suggested that ISP's agree· to handing over confidential e-mail records and the FBI wants keys to break· all encryption codes used on the internet .

The threat· to civil liberties is readily apparent· from the state· of Ohio where it has been reported that a single phone· call· to authorities· in the state· can someone· on a list· of child· abusers - whether there is substance· to the allegation· or not . The nature· of such lists is illustrated by the fact· that the Ohio list· at the last· count· had reportedly ballooned to as many as 792 , 000 names .

This was not counted in the survey but is counted by moral crusaders.
Nor have· we counted work· like that of Graham Ovenden .

Nevertheless , moral crusaders consider· these images obscene· and abusive·towards children . In some jursidictions the possession· of such works can mean· a lengthy jail sentence· . If you are a parent and take· such a photo· you are likely to be· arrested as a sexual· abuser . If you are an artist and take· such a photo· you are likely to be· arrested as a pedophile . If you find· works like Ovenden's to be·beautiful you are considered a monster· .

How Sexually Sick Moral Crusader's and Totalitarian Authorities Count.

Careful quantification· contradicts statements like those of Casa Alianza that there are " 24,000 web sites currently devoted to child· pornography on the internet , " as well as claims by Customs Agent MacMartin that he had personally seen more than 100,000 pictures and video segments , all obtained on line· , of children being sexually exploited . It also contradicts police reports that 80,000 child·pornography images are traded on line· every week· . These are lies ! And here is how they are arrived at:

First) Physically mature teenagers and young· adults are counted as children;

Second) Definitions of child· pornography are so broad that even swimsuit images and clothing catalog pictures are counted;

Third) Actual counts are never made i . e a confiscated computer· that is reported as containing 100,000 child· pornographic images is never quantified to delete·completely unrelated images . For example· , unrelated banner ads in browser·caches , non-pornographic or non-child images , nor are the images compared to those found on other confiscated computers;

Fourth) In studies like the Rim Report , widely publicized by Time magazine· any internet header· or advertisment which features the word· "Teen" is counted separately even if the link· or advertisement· leads to a photograph· of a cow .

Fifth) Because the police efforts have· been successful in practically eradicating on-line child· pornography , many high· paying jobs and grants to charities are no longer needed . Without the hysteria· producing drumbeat of such "statistics" police and moral campaigners might have· to switch· their focus to something less titillating and more useful .

Their exaggerated statistics· and lies about the extent· of child· pornography on the internet has been the trojan horse to suspend· privacy· rights and the freedom· of speech· for everyone .

Sexually sick· moral crusaders and totalitarian authorities· have· defined children's bodies as obscene· . They aren't ! At least until filtered through their own pathological· psychosexuality . They do· an immense amount· of harm· to the healthy· sexual· development· of children , who now must deal· with their bodies-defined-as-obscene , not to mention· the widespread fear· of non-sexual but pleasurable touching generated by the hysteria· they have· created .

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