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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Father hangs himself and his four-year-old son after criminals infect his computer with malware that said he had to pay £13,000 or face jail
Marcel Datcu, 36, was convinced that the fake threat was real. The computer virus told him he had to pay or go to jail. He took his own life and that of his son Nicusor, aged fourBy Sara Malm

A Romanian man killed himself and his young son after a computer virus led him to believe he was going to jail.

Marcel Datcu took his own life and that of his four-year-old son Nicusor after his computer became infested with a ransomware demanding that he pay £13,000 or he would go to prison.

The 36-year-old, from Movila Miresii, Br─âila County in east Romania, left behind a note where he said he could not stand going to prison and did not want his son to suffer for his actions.

Tragedy: Mr Datcu is said to have been a victim of a malware scam, believed to have been the one pictured, where a computer virus poses as a local law enforcement, threatening to send a person to jail unless they pay a large sum of money

Local police believe the ransomware entered Mr Datcu's computer after he visited an adult entertainment website.

One of his sons found the bodies in their home, along with a note addressed to Mr Datcu's wife.

'I received a warning [on my computer] that said I have to pay 70.000 lei [€16,000] or go to prison for 11 years,' it read according to IBTimes.

'I don't think it's normal what I've done...I apologise to all of you...I don't want Nicusor to suffer because of me...I can't stand going to prison. I can't.'

Mr Dacur's teenage daughter Elena posted a picture of herself with her little brother, captioned 'forever in my heart, always in my mind (sic)'

Fraud: The 36-year-old father killed himself and his son after he was tricked into believing he had committed a crime after visiting and porn site and had to pay £13,000 or he would go to prison (stock image)

A ransomware is a type of malware virus which is designed to scare a computer owner into paying the hacker money.

The ransomware, which can enter the computer through dodgy websites or spam, locks the computer's system and shows the user a message claiming to be from local authorities and/or law enforcement.

The message normally says the fake law enforcement has proof of illegal activity on the computer, such as downloaded films or child porn, and that the user has to pay or face jailtime.

In this instance, the sum, 70,000 lei(£13,000) is much higher than normal, The IBTimes reports.